Thoughts about life: Men and Women

Having a romantic relationship with someone is a great blessing. However, remember you are very different, they are not you, however close you get, however much you talk. They are not telepathic, they do not know what you are thinking or even think in the same way. Men and women are fundamentally different. Women are relational, emotional, communicators, men are fighters and have a tenth of the communication ability of a woman. Respect and the ability to ‘be sufficient’ are very important to a man. You will both hurt each other throughout your lives. This is a way for God teach us about grace and forgiveness, the more deeply you love them the more they are able to hurt you and the more grace and forgiveness you must practice, this is called working at a relationship. As you grow together you learn to hurt each other less often, but it will always happen, we are not perfect people. The joy far outweighs the pain, and you being able to have that grace and forgiveness for someone is one of the signs that you have the right person. Enjoy, it is all part of God’s blessing.

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