Thoughts about life: The Bible is the manual for how to operate your Life

The human spirit, soul, body, and the world we live in is a complex and intricate system or machine. It is both fragile and able to be repaired, giving a sense of robustness. However, as with all complex things, they work best, you get the most out of them, life to the full, by operating them in the way they were designed to be operated. You don’t have to use them the way they were intended, they will function (badly) if used wrongly. I.e. Drive a car with flat tires and no oil, etc. It works, you get from A to B in it, but it gets damaged, doesn’t last long, and does not work so well – bit of a rough ride. Well in order to operate life and yourself correctly, follow the manufactures instructions [Gen 1v27]. Additionally He will repair you as you go, and repair damage already done [Luk 9v11]. Do this and He promises your life be amaizing [Romans 8v2, John 10:10].

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