Psalm 1: How should one live life?

(based on Psalm 1 [original])

He who follows good advice
How blessed is he indeed
Who keeps others on the path
And gives encouragement in need.

His delight is the Word of the Lord
On this he dwells by day and night
All he does prospers well
Nourished by its power and might

Not the case for wicked men
Who will be blown away like dust
They will not get a righteous end
Or be held account by what is just

For the Lord does guard and guide
The way of those who do what’s right
But the wicked man, he will be lost
In the darkness of the final night

author: Dr David H. Akehurst

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(I have always thought that it would be good to read a translation/interpretation of the psalms that actually read like poetry in the English language. I know that many other people have done this, however a few years back I was house bound for a few weeks and had a go at writing poetry based on them. This is one of the results.)

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