Cloud IDE for DSLs

I am attempting to provide a cloud based IDE for DSLs. The first question is where to start from. There are many great Cloud-IDEs out there, but they are all aimed at supporting various programming environments. For DSL support, I want to find something that is minimal, that I can subsequently add to with DSL extensions.

My requirements would be:

  • Minimal starting point (similar to creating an Eclipse RCP)
  • Plugin architecture
  • Preference for ability to use Java in plugins
  • Open Source (of course!)

I have investigated the following as possible starting points, details are in separate posts (follow the links), but a brief summary is included here:

  • Cloud 9
    • Widely used
    • Mainly Javascript
    • Potential problem with the open source licence, currently unsure if I can legally use it!
  • Eclipse-Che / Codenvy
    • GWT and Java based
    • Runs in its own tomcat (! what…ridiculous!..but I have attempted to get round this)
    • Complex to reduce to a minimal IDE
  • Eclipse-Orion
    • OSGI at the server
    • Javascript on client
    • Complex to minimise
    • not that easy to add plugins
  • Codiad
    • php based
    • simplest starting point
    • plugins are easy
    • needs a php-java bridge to execute java
    • Can run it in tomcat with a little persuasion
    • tomcat 8 requires quercus war (for php interpretation) – which has GPL licence.


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