Thoughts about life: Know, deeply, that God Loves You

Know, deeply, that God Loves You

He really does, more than you can possibly imagine. What parent does not love their child, what creator does not feel for His creation, especially if that creation had the ability to feel also. If we make something – whether our childhood creations brought lovingly home from school, to bigger projects we take on as adults – we feel for the things we make, things we invest a bit of yourself in. These inanimate creations capture a bit of our hearts, how much more so would a child. How much more so, do we, Gods creation, and able also to love, capture His heart. How much must He cry when we are hurt, or hurting, How much He longs to reach out and comfort us if we will let Him. How much does He want us to have the best life we can – so much that He sent Himself/His son to die for us, so that we can have the fullest and best life. If we seek Him, He will prosper us. He has the plans to bring us all we could ever dream of and more than we can imagine. But we tend to ignore Him, not listen, not put ourselves where we can receive these gifts. Sometimes we can be really dumb. Sometimes we are just hurt, and we need first to allow Him to heal us, before we are able to receive some of the good things. Often we have been given good things, and we take them for granted, don’t notice, forget, or throw them away without thinking – again mostly through being hurt and broken people – but it can be through us making bad choices, or simply not being aware that God is there, and He loves us with the intensity that only an eternal and infinite God can provide. Step into it, bask in it, lap it up, it is infinite, it won’t run out as a source – it will run out of you, it will overflow into those around you, and they will feel it too – then perhaps they will notice Him, accept His love, and allow it to flow into someone else.

[1 Cor 8v3, Jer 29v11]

Thoughts about life: Men and Women

Having a romantic relationship with someone is a great blessing. However, remember you are very different, they are not you, however close you get, however much you talk. They are not telepathic, they do not know what you are thinking or even think in the same way. Men and women are fundamentally different. Women are relational, emotional, communicators, men are fighters and have a tenth of the communication ability of a woman. Respect and the ability to ‘be sufficient’ are very important to a man. You will both hurt each other throughout your lives. This is a way for God teach us about grace and forgiveness, the more deeply you love them the more they are able to hurt you and the more grace and forgiveness you must practice, this is called working at a relationship. As you grow together you learn to hurt each other less often, but it will always happen, we are not perfect people. The joy far outweighs the pain, and you being able to have that grace and forgiveness for someone is one of the signs that you have the right person. Enjoy, it is all part of God’s blessing.

Does God Exist?

“Does God exist?” A question that many people have argued about for a long time.

Personally I think that belief or faith in the existence of God is a personal choice. We should all respect that different people will make different choices. We should not get upset or argue unpleasantly with people over that choice it is their own to make. Faith, after all, is a matter of believing in something for which there is no immediate evidence. Hence, it must be a choice for us all to make, and I do not mind what choice you make, that is between you and God.

What matters, is the impact that that choice make on your life. Does your choice to believe, or not, in the existence of God, develop your character in such a way that your life has a positive or negative impact on the lives of others. What is the external visible result of that personal internal choice?

Thoughts about life: Practise Generosity

Why do we practise generosity? My answer is as follows,

In order that money and the acquisition of money does not become my primary goal in life. Practicing generosity reminds me that money is a means to enable me to bless others and that it serves as a tool to help me meet my purpose. Money is not important for its own sake. Be resourced so that you can make righteous use of the resources. Jesus had riches, and a treasurer, and used the money righteously. [Mat 6v24, John 12v6, Mat 2v11].

Thoughts about life: The Bible is the manual for how to operate your Life

The human spirit, soul, body, and the world we live in is a complex and intricate system or machine. It is both fragile and able to be repaired, giving a sense of robustness. However, as with all complex things, they work best, you get the most out of them, life to the full, by operating them in the way they were designed to be operated. You don’t have to use them the way they were intended, they will function (badly) if used wrongly. I.e. Drive a car with flat tires and no oil, etc. It works, you get from A to B in it, but it gets damaged, doesn’t last long, and does not work so well – bit of a rough ride. Well in order to operate life and yourself correctly, follow the manufactures instructions [Gen 1v27]. Additionally He will repair you as you go, and repair damage already done [Luk 9v11]. Do this and He promises your life be amaizing [Romans 8v2, John 10:10].

Thoughts about Life: Love God

Humans have a built in instinct to worship and love something. With out God we invent our own gods, made of wood, stone, gold, gems, beer, football, pop stars, sex, money, power [Exo 32v1]. Whatever we choose, we will inevitably focus on and make our life revolve around something. Let us choose purposefully what that should be, and pick something – the someone – that will last for eternity, and is worth worshipping and loving. [Mat 22v37, Det 6v5]