Psalm 2: The opposition of Nations

based on Psalm 2 (original)

Governments and presidents oppose the Lord’s anointed King.
Why do nations still conspire, their people plot in vain?
By casting off (like chains) the guidance of His holy word,
How will they win? What do they hope to gain?
He could rebuke them if they listen, with His anger and His wrath.
But the one in heaven knows they’re fools and laughs at their mistake,
He has installed a gracious King upon His holy hill
And with these words proclaims Him King, all opposed will break.
Your are my son, today I have become your Dad,
Just ask! The nations and the earth will all belong to you
Rule them with an iron fist and break them if you will
Though my grace abounds and fills you through and through”
So tremble and be wise, all you kings and rulers on the earth,
Serve and respect the Lord your God, rejoice in His chosen Son
His righteous anger may be shown, destroying all opposed.
Better to be blessed, and seek to shelter underneath the Holy One.

author: Dr David H. Akehurst

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(I have always thought that it would be good to read a translation/interpretation of the psalms that actually read like poetry in the English language. I know that many other people have done this, however a few years back I was house bound for a few weeks and had a go at writing poetry based on them. This is one of the results.)

Does God Exist?

“Does God exist?” A question that many people have argued about for a long time.

Personally I think that belief or faith in the existence of God is a personal choice. We should all respect that different people will make different choices. We should not get upset or argue unpleasantly with people over that choice it is their own to make. Faith, after all, is a matter of believing in something for which there is no immediate evidence. Hence, it must be a choice for us all to make, and I do not mind what choice you make, that is between you and God.

What matters, is the impact that that choice make on your life. Does your choice to believe, or not, in the existence of God, develop your character in such a way that your life has a positive or negative impact on the lives of others. What is the external visible result of that personal internal choice?